Warning: 5 Hazards Of A Leaky Roof

Warning: 5 Hazards Of A Leaky Roof

Maintenance problems are common issues at home. However, there are certain things you simply cannot overlook or you’re going to pay for it in the long run. Roofing leaks are a good example of this. Failure to address them promptly, either by repairing or replacing, often prove costly.

Warning: 5 Hazards Of A Leaky Roof

To convince you to fix roof issues immediately, here’s a look at the five hazards of a leaky roof:

1. Attic And Ceiling Damage

Attic spaces are the first ones to “feel” the effects of leaks, and you can see it in the obvious water damage. However, in the absence of an attic, it’s the ceiling itself that bears the full brunt of the resultant damage. You can expect dark stains or bubbling plasters.

2. Interior Mold Growth

Mold growth is a long-term effect of constant leaks because of damaged shingles. The problem with mold is that it can spread everywhere, including the HVAC system. When that happens, its toxic effects can cause respiratory ailments to the property’s inhabitants.

3. Fire Hazards

Constant leaks in your roofing system pose a huge safety threat because of the presence of electrical wiring in the attic or the ceiling. Should water penetrate deep enough to invade your electrical system, there is a big possibility of fires breaking out.

4. Compromised Structural Integrity

Leaks in the roofing system can lead to considerable damage to your rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing, and even fascia boards. In time, the structural integrity of your home can be seriously compromised by constant exposure to water intrusion.

5. Decreased Energy Efficiency

Lastly, expect to see a significant difference in your utility bills when you fail to address roofing leaks. Constant water intrusion damages your insulation, which diminishes the overall energy efficiency of your home.

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