Helping Homeowners Out with New Gutters

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Everyone knows that the #1 enemy of your home’s exterior is water. That’s exactly what Ohio’s harsh climate is constantly bombarding it with in the form of rain, snow and ice. Your roof is there to keep that water from getting into your home and subsequently compromising both its structural integrity as well as your comfort. Yet stopping the water is only half the job; there also has to be some mechanism in place to direct it away from your home. That’s why no roof is complete without a solid gutter system to support it. As one of the area’s preferred roofing providers, we here at AIM Roofing & Construction are also prepared to provide you with such a system.

Those who come to us needing gutters in the Mahoning Valley and surrounding area never leave disappointed. We apply the same high level of service in dealing with gutter issues that customers have come to expect with our other exterior services. Our gutter service includes:

  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • New installations
  • Gutter guard protection

Superior Gutter Installation
When replacing or installing new gutters, we utilize hidden hangers attached to the fascia that provide rock-solid support and are specially designed to withstand the elements. Because they expand and contract, they allow for ice buildup without pulling the gutters away from your roof. Plus, you don’t get any unsightly exposed nails.

Having gutters in place often isn’t enough; you also have to keep them free of debris buildup so that they allow water to flow through them unimpeded. Leaf Relief gutter guards from Alcoa will keep yours clear of leaves and shingle granules.

Ready to Serve You
Don’t let all of the work your roof does in shielding you and your family from intruding water be in vain. We here at AIM Roofing & Construction stand ready to outfit your home with a gutter system guaranteed to keep water where it belongs: away from your walls and ceilings. Our gutter service is just one more way that we AIM to please all of the area’s homeowners. To join the list of those who’ve experienced the AIM Roofing & Construction advantage, give us a call at (330) 533-0291. Or, if you prefer that we reach out to you, just fill out our online contact form.