Why Should You Care about Asphalt Recycling

Why Should You Care about Asphalt Recycling

Recyclability is one of the top qualities of asphalt shingles. At the end of their service life, they are repurposed into roads and can be reclaimed over and over again.

Asphalt Recycling

As a responsible general contractor in Canfield, Ohio, Aim Roofing and Construction supports shingle recycling for many reasons. It’s our way of preventing the depletion of our natural resources and making you feel good knowing your old roofing materials won’t clog landfills.

Why Recycle Asphalt?

As roofs, asphalt is strong and adaptable; as roads, it makes safe and reliable pavement. It offers great traction for tires and is smooth to drive on while causing little noise.

Made from asphalt, glass, sand, and limestone, asphalt shingles are 100% recyclable without needing any government grant. Its recycling continues to gain steam in all 50 states. In addition, other parts of asphalt shingle roofing in Youngstown, Ohio, such as nails and flashing pieces, can be recycled too.

How Does It Work?

Recycling asphalt shingles isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Although the roofing materials are mixed, the grinder at recycling yards uses a magnet to pull off the nails effectively. On average, the yard gets about 15 pounds of nails for every ton of tear-off asphalt shingles.

What Are the Benefits?

Choosing asphalt shingles in Canfield, OH, has many environmental and financial benefits for everyone. Certain GAF® asphalt shingles emulate the look of slate tiles and wood shakes at a fraction of the cost. They offer an ultra-dimensional look to lend your home a luxurious and classy appearance without spending that much.

Turning asphalt roofs into roads reduces energy use. Without needing to mine new minerals for paving, recycling conserves precious natural resources. This approach also allows roofing contractors and dumpster companies to trim their costs.

You’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain by choosing asphalt shingles for your roof replacement. Call Aim Roofing and Construction today at (330) 441-5200 to schedule your initial consultation at your convenience.