Top Remodels for Better Curb Appeal and Weatherability

Top Remodels for Better Curb Appeal and Weatherability

Home improvements that increase your home’s curb appeal and elevate its function are always worth the investment. If you focus on the right projects, you can hit these twin goals and make your home better in all areas.

Curb Appeal

As your premier source of essential exterior remodels, Aim Roofing and Construction recommends these projects:

Gutter Installation

Having a reliable gutter system is the best way to prevent water damage. It channels rain and snowmelt from the roof all the way to the ground. Your downspouts and gutters in Youngstown, Ohio, prevent water seepage in vulnerable areas, which could compromise your home’s structural integrity.

Our gutter system has a robust design to withstand harsh elements for a long period. We use hidden hangers, which provide solid support without ruining your exterior design.

To keep your gutters and downspouts free from debris, we recommend adding Leaf Relief®. This protective barrier prevents even the smallest things, such as pine needles and stray shingle granules, from getting into your gutter system. In turn, it permanently eliminates the need for cleaning.

Siding Upgrade

Your siding occupies massive exterior space; any cosmetic imperfection could your home’s charm from the street. Rot, fade, and other forms of wear are signs that you need to seek quality siding replacement in Youngstown, Ohio.

At Aim Roofing and Construction, we’re a proud Mastic® preferred contractor. You can rely on our proficiency and experience to install your new siding in an efficient and flawless fashion. Our solution safeguards your home against frigid winters and muggy summers.

Thanks to our own Duranyle 5000 Protection System, you can expect your replacement siding to last a very long time. It can withstand wind speeds up to 200 mph and resist fading caused by UV rays.

Window Replacement

Old, rotted windows are not only an eyesore, but they can also be a source of leaks. Drafty fixtures cause your indoor heat to escape and waste energy, so be sure to replace them immediately to prevent high energy costs.

Windows can also be gorgeous architectural accents. When their color contrasts your siding’s hues, they can frame your openings and please the eye by helping the main color stand out. When their color complements your siding, on the other hand, they can tie all design elements together and form visual harmony.

As the trusted partner of Simonton® in the region, you have access to highly touted windows in Youngstown, OH. Stunning, efficient, and low-maintenance, Simonton products add architectural flair to your home and boost its insulation. With different options to choose from, you can pick the best styles your spaces demand.

Let’s take your home’s curb appeal and function to greater heights. Call Aim Roofing and Construction today at (330) 441-5200 and tell us how we can be of service.