Going the Energy-Saving Route with Reflective Roofs

Energy saving is one of the reasons homeowners remodel their homes. In fact, the NAHB Green and Healthier Homes report indicated that 55% of remodelers believe that homeowners are willing to pay more for greener homes. One of the best ways to have an energy-efficient home is to go for reflective roofing.

Reflective Roofs

What is a Reflective Roof?

Cool or reflective roofing in Youngstown, Ohio, uses both solar reflectance and thermal emittance. As the sun’s rays hit your shingles, the roof reflects a portion of the rays then re-emits the remaining heat. This results in a cool roofing system that creates a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature.

You can find various options on the market for reflective roofing. Shingles like those in GAF®’s Cool Series come with special coatings that increase roof reflectivity. With these shingles, you can save up to 15% on your total cooling costs.

Why Invest in a Reflective Roof?

Reflective shingles in Canfield, OH, can lower utility bills because your HVAC system won’t work too hard to keep your home comfortable. They also reduce urban heat island effect, which happens when dark roofs absorb heat and make urban areas hotter. Cool roofs also have a longer service life compared with other materials. This is because the shingles maintain a consistent temperature all year long, reducing thermal shock.

You can also check with your local utility company if your area offers rebates for cool roofs. This way, you can protect your home, conserve energy, and save more money with this cost-effective home improvement project.

What Do You Look For?

You should look for the ENERGY STAR® seal when selecting your reflective roof. The seal indicates that the roof has passed certain requirements that will help you save energy effectively. GAF’s Cool Series comes with this seal, so rest assured to have energy savings for years.

You should also work with a trusted general contractor in Canfield, Ohio, like AIM Construction. We ensure proper installation for longer service life and long-lasting performance. As certified roofers, we can offer strong warranties to back your system.

Take the proactive step towards more savings with reflective roofs from AIM Construction. You can call us at (330) 441-5200 to learn more about our products. You can also fill out our contact form to request for a free quote.