Common Problems Associated With Faulty Gutters

Common Problems Associated With Faulty Gutters

While many consider gutters as an optional inclusion to the home’s roofing system, it actually plays a big role protecting your entire home from water intrusion and moisture damage. A faulty gutter will bring a lot of mess and headache into your home.

Faulty Gutter

This is why Aim Roofing and Construction discusses common problems associated with faulty gutter systems.

Gutter Blockage And Roof Weight

Blockages in the gutters are a risk to your roofing because it adds unnecessary weight to the fascia boards. In some cases, the blockage actually pulls down on the fascia, which can damage the rest of the roof and loosen shingles.

Exterior Walls And Water Intrusion

Gutter blockage also causes leaks, which eventually finds its way down to your home’s exterior walls. If you still use exterior wall paint or wood-shake siding, then it’s going to get worn down by the leaking rainwater from the gutters. To give your home better protection from water damage, we recommend you get siding replacement and switch to vinyl or fiber cement siding. Either has better elemental resilience plus also doubling as a physical barrier.

Superior Gutter Installation From Aim Roofing and Construction

We know exactly how troublesome your gutters can become, and that’s why when we replace or install new gutters, we use hidden hangers attached to the fascia. This gives your new gutters superior support and will make them better at withstanding the elements. We also install Leaf Relief gutter guards on your new or existing system to reduce and even completely prevent debris buildup in your gutters.

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