5 Fast Facts About Water Damage

5 Fast Facts About Water Damage

Every homeowner and general contractor will agree that water damage should be avoided. It can be due to a problem with the gutters, an overflowing toilet, or storm damage. We encourage homeowners to get help when they notice signs of water damage as soon as possible.

Water Damage

Here are five things you should know about water damage:

1. Water Damage and Flood Damage May be Covered Differently

The source of the damage determines whether your insurance covers the problem. Flood damage may be covered by a separate flood insurance policy, which means your insurance needs adjustment if you need to have the water damage resolved. Note: flood damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

2. Water Damage May Not be Covered by Certain Insurance Policies

Before you sign an insurance policy, read the exclusions. Some insurance policies may list water damage as an exclusion, which means they will not be responsible for payment of repairs, especially if water damage is caused by not maintaining the property. This is why you need to have your pipes and gutters regularly inspected. We also offer siding replacement, which can cause or result from water or storm damage.

3. Water Damages Becomes More Expensive to Resolve after 48 Hours

After 24-48 hours, the initial water damage may have caused more problems in the property. For instance, mold growth may already be an additional issue, and it’s one that can get out of control quickly. If you need immediate response to water damage, our 24-hour emergency services can help you.

4. Your Insurance Company May Recommend a Water Damage Restoration Company

Insurance companies often work with a company to expedite the restoration process and to simplify the process of filing insurance claims. Call your insurance company as soon as possible and ask them about the companies they recommend. We work with majority of the insurance companies in the area to restore a home after water damage.

5. Water Damage Depends on the Water Source

The severity of the damage depends on whether the water is clean or it’s contaminated enough to cause problems upon direct contact. You may be dealing with water damage due to a mostly clean source of water, but this doesn’t mean contact with other pollutants cannot escalate the issue. This is another reason to have the water damage resolved quickly.

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