4 Home Improvement Projects to Consider Before the Year Ends

4 Home Improvement Projects to Consider Before the Year Ends

According to HomeAdvisor’s “2016 True Cost Report”, homeowners are prioritizing remodeling projects over other improvements like security upgrades and energy-related projects. As the year draws to a close, there is never a better time to get started on a remodeling project. You’ll likely get more flexibility with your schedule. Here are four projects you should consider:

Home Improvement

  1. Upgrade Your Gutters — Seamless and stainless steel gutters in Youngstown, Ohio, can be a worthwhile investment. You may also consider getting gutter guards. They will minimize, if not eliminate, the need to clean your gutters. Our Leaf Relief gutter guards also reduce the need for regular gutter maintenance.
  2. Roof Repair— A full roofing replacement project will take a considerable amount of preparation, logistically and financially. If your roofing hasn’t had a maintenance run, now is a good time to find out if anything needs repair. A solid, reliable roof is exactly what you’ll need for the coming seasons. Aim Roofing and Construction provides timely and reliable roof repair services.
  3. Siding Replacement — The siding is an important of keeping your home energy-efficient. Once it shows the usual signs of aging, such as peeling and blistered paint, consider a siding replacement in Youngstown, Ohio. Aim Roofing and Construction ensures that all siding products are precisely installed to create a practically weatherproof exterior.
  4. Window Replacement — A set of replacement windows can go a long way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our replacement windows from Simonton® Windows offer superior insulation through a double and triple-glazed window glass. They also feature low-emissivity coatings that filter unwanted parts of sunlight, and window frames with superior insulation.

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