4 Common Causes of Gutter Clogging

4 Common Causes of Gutter Clogging

Your gutter system’s primary function is to direct rainwater into the proper drainage systems and carry it away from your home. Clogging, however, is a common problem for old and new gutters alike. When the system becomes clogged, water can flow to different areas of your home and cause their structure to weaken.

Causes of Gutter Clogging

It is important to learn the main causes of this problem to prevent it. Let Aim Roofing and Construction, the expert in gutter and siding replacement in Youngstown, Ohio, explain four ways your gutters can become clogged.

1. Gunk and Debris Build-up

Dirt and debris can easily enter your gutters without a proper gutter protection system. This build-up can not only block the free flow of water in the system, but it can also become a breeding ground for algae and mold. Make sure to frequently clean your gutters of any debris. We can also install a leaf guard to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. This product can filter all types of debris to keep your gutters clear.

2. Insufficient Gutters

Water can easily overflow if your home has insufficient gutters to accommodate it. You can opt to increase the number of your gutters to help your current system or install replacements that have a higher capacity for rainfall.

3. Overabundance of Rainwater

During a strong rainstorm, your gutters may not be able to handle the heavy rush of rainwater. The water then may overflow and saturate your home’s siding, roof, and basement. While you can’t control the rain load you receive, you can invest in high-capacity gutters in Youngstown, Ohio, to handle the substantial rainfall.

4. Clogged Downspouts

Clogged downspouts can cause water to move back to your gutter system and overflow. We recommend having oversized downspouts, as they can allow rain to drain faster. They can also help reduce the risk of basement flooding and landscape erosion.

Beware of these factors to keep your gutters working optimally. Call us today at (330) 441-5200 for all of your gutter needs. We also offer quality windows in Youngstown, OH, in case water from your failing gutters has compromised your current units.